Oral Histories

Throughout the years many Delta residents have been interviewed and their memories have been preserved in their oral histories. A list of these Oral Histories can be found online. Copies of the Oral Histories  are kept at the Resource Center.

Many books concerning the Delta and California history are on our bookshelves.

The Center is full of historical resources, at SRDHS we invite you to come take a look for yourself!



Maps of the Delta and surrounding areas have been preserved and cataloged and can be reviewed in the resource center.

Delta resident collections have been cataloged and filed. Information is contained in a data base that can be queried.


From 1977 to the present, a SRDHS newsletter has been created twice a year containing articles about the Delta and its history. These newsletters have been converted to PDF format so you can view them on your computer. A collection of the Newsletters can be found on this website.

Sacramento River delta Historical Society