Sacramento River delta Historical Society


Our space at the Jean Harvie Community Center in Walnut Grove is the heart of our historical society.

We serve as a hub for preserving, organizing, and providing access to a variety of historical materials and information. Every inch is filled with newspaper records, archives, maps, historic photos, oral histories, and memorabilia of places and events that no longer exist but have shaped the region. It is pivotal in ensuring that the history of our region is not only preserved but also made available and relevant to
current and future generations.

We do this with a dedicated group of volunteers. We hope you will join us as we:

  • Expand and enhance the collections by cataloging and preserving new materials.
  • Provide reference services to assist individuals in locating specific historical information.
  • Organize educational programs, workshops, and training sessions to teach students, educators, and the public how to use historical resources effectively for research.
  • Plan a major digitization project to preserve and make historical materials accessible online.
  • Engage with the local community to promote awareness of our services and encourage community members to explore and contribute to the understanding of their shared history.
  • Create public programming by organizing lectures and other public programs that draw on the resources available in the center to educate and engage the community.