Sacramento River delta Historical Society


Delta Stories will be published in the fall. This is a sample cover. The Pear graphic will grace our summer newsletter in time for the 50th anniversary of the Pear Festival in Courtland. Sponsorship opportunities will be posted in mid-May. If you would like to become a sponsor, contact: 

Delta Stories – The History Journal of the
Sacramento River Delta Historical Society

Are you a storyteller? We’re looking for individuals to contribute to our new yearly journal. Articles should combine research with storytelling to present a taste of the historical, cultural, political, social, and/or cultural dynamic that shaped the time and the region’s historical journey. It’s also a forum to exchange ideas, publish newly discovered information and provide valuable information to the community.

Arts and Entertainment. Culture. Invention. Agriculture. Viticulture. Waterways.
Almost anything you can imagine. We welcome community histories, editorials, articles, essays, letters, commentaries book/journal reviews, interviews, personal narratives, photo essays, poetry and even short stories that provide a mix of historical exploration, current debate and future perspectives that capture the diverse and dynamic nature of the Sacramento River Delta.

Our first issue will launch in September 2024.

To contribute, send a query or completed manuscript of up to 2500 words to our editorial team –