The Sacramento River Delta Historical Society is a non-profit organization created to preserve the historical heritage of the Sacramento River Delta, to promote a greater public awareness of Sacramento River Delta history, and to educate the public with regard to the importance of the Sacramento River Delta’s history. The Resource Center contains collections of this historical heritage.

The Sacramento River Delta in California extends from Freeport south to Rio Vista and includes all the communities along the Sacramento River.They are Freeport, Clarksburg, Hood, Randall, Courtland, Vorden, Locke, Walnut Grove, Ryde, Isleton and Rio Vista.



The Jean Harvie center contains oral histories from the community, resource books, dvds and transcripts from the general meetings, along with many collections donated by local delta residents. 


Preservation of the past.


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The Sacramento River Delta Historical Society Resource Center is located in the Jean Harvie Community Center in Walnut Grove, California and is open Tuesday morning by appointment.


Names and contact information for our Board of Directors is available to the community. 

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SRDHS Newsletters are published twice a year. This collection of newsletters dates back to 1977. 

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